What is the best way to test my Internet Speed?

When you’re connected to Hotspot Shield or any VPN service, data going in and out of your device travels through the VPN servers first before reaching their target. That's how Internet anonymity is achieved and why it's normal to experience speed reduction from 30%-50% when using any VPN service.

Our proprietary VPN protocol significantly improves performance over long-distance connections (for instance, the throughput of connection between Germany and California USA could be two times faster through HotspotShield VPN than with any other personal or corporate VPN). It also decreases the time to establish the VPN connection and the latency of small file downloads.

Sometimes switching virtual locations can speed up your connection. If this step doesn't help with the speed and you find your speed is being affected by 50% or more while using Hotspot Shield, please run the following tests and contact our support team by filling out this form:

To get instructions on how to run  a speed test on your device, click on the appropriate link:

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