I have the bundled subscription for Hotspot Shield. What do all these features mean?


Hotspot Shield on Mac (Bundle) has a wide variety of settings not found on other platforms. We have included many features and settings to make getting connected to the VPN simple and more time-efficient. Please read below for an explanation of these settings.

  • When you start the application, you will see a new interface dashboard, as shown below. We now have included easy access to the home, your account information, any bundled apps, information about Hotspot Shield, and lastly, you can contact support directly from this interface. 


  • In our previous version, the application was only shown in the top toolbar. However, once installed, you are given the option to either have the Hotspot Shield dashboard appear in dock mode, menu bar, or both. The above screenshot shows the dock version of the app, while this one below is what you will see in the menu bar.


  • You now have quick access to all locations, and you will always see your most recent connection at the top of this menu.
  • From here, you have the option to display the dock version of Hotspot Shield, your account, and an easy way to contact support. Please review the settings of this new version below.


  • We have added the option to start on launch. Meaning if your Mac device has been turned off, you can turn the device back on, and if this setting is checked, Hotspot Shield will open with this setting enabled.
  • Auto-connect allows you to connect to the last-used virtual location during the app launch. We then included the setting to notify you when you are on public WiFi. When you connect to an unsecured public network such as Starbucks, the library, or anything in a public space, you will be notified of this setting.
  • The appearance setting gives you the option for how you want Hotspot Shield to be displayed. Such as in Dock mode, the Menu bar, or both.
  • Restore purchase is the last setting that gives you the option to restore your purchase if the application does not recognize your Premium email.