Why does Google services say I'm in another country if I'm connected to the US Virtual Location?

While Hotspot Shield hides your current location by assigning another IP, sometimes searching on Google could get you results from your real location.

How does that happen? We need to take into consideration how Google services work. The Google search engine implements Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide a better experience. It will learn about your searches every time you use Google to look for something.

However, Google will not be taking information only from your search activity, it will be tracking your information from all of your Google services, for instance, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, etc. Google's Artificial Intelligence will provide search results based on the analytics of all of your services. If the majority of your queries are coming from your real location and if all of a sudden you change your location (by using a VPN), Google's Artificial Intelligence will provide a result based on the average of your activity.

I hope this information clarifies why you can, at times, see different IPs in different services. Regarding what we do about this, we constantly test and monitor how hundreds of services (like Google) see our IP's and we try to change our IPs often to make sure our users are not impacted.

Since we do not collect or track user's traffic, we do not know when a particular user sees such issues. Once the user reports such an issue to us, we try to reproduce the issue and then work on resolving the issue.