How do I troubleshoot Hotspot Shield connection issues on iOS?

Before troubleshooting any connection issue, please make sure the following is true:

  • Hotspot Shield is updated via the App Store.
  • Your device is not jailbroken.
  • Another app isn’t interfering with your internet settings—such as another VPN or firewall.

Important: Please let us know if you’re located in any of the following countries: Pakistan, Iran, Oman, Qatar, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia

If the above is true and you still can’t connect, please try the solutions below in order. If a solution doesn't fix the issue, try the next solution. Please reboot your device before trying the steps below.

  1. Open Hotspot Shield, and turn Protection OFF and ON.
  2. Wait for Hotspot Shield to connect, it might take a few moments.
  1. Go to your device's Settings.
  2. Turn Airplane Mode ON and OFF.
  3. Open Hotspot Shield, and turn Protection OFF and ON.
  1. Connect to a different network such as another Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Check if Hotspot Shield can connect.

1. Reinstall the configuration profile on iOS 9

2.Turn Protection ON, and wait for Hotspot Shield to connect.

If none of the solutions above fix the issue, please submit a Technical Issue request so we can investigate the issue further.