Troubleshooting connection on Mac App

There are a few reasons for Hotspot Shield to have connection issues on a Mac App platform. Below are some of the most common issues that affect only Mac Apps devices.

User has two or more VPN/Proxy applications installed: When you have more than one VPN/Proxy application installed on your machine, both of them try to configure settings to connect to their respective servers. Due to this, settings will not be configured properly for one or both of the applications, and one or both of them will fail. Always make sure you are only running one Proxy/VPN application at a time. This includes any browser extensions such as Ghostery. If you have removed all other VPN/Proxy applications and you are still not able to connect, you may want to go to the Network preferences, delete the Internet service that you are currently using and then add it again. 

 Select the Internet interface you are using.

 Click the Minus button. This will remove the selected interface.

 Now click the Plus button and choose the interface that you want. to add.


User has a firewall that is blocking Hotspot Shield: This is a common reason for Hotspot Shield not being able to establish a connection. If you have a custom firewall running on your router or installed on your machine, make sure you have a rule created to allow traffic for Hotspot Shield.

User has an Antivirus software that interferes with Hotspot Shield: The most common Antivirus to cause problems for Hotspot Shield users is the Webroot Antivirus. While Webroot is active, Hotspot Shield has a hard time connecting to our servers. We recommend contacting Webroot customer support for instruction on creating a rule to allow Hotspot Shield to connect to the server.

User is using Google Chrome or Firefox: This is a rare case, but we have witnessed that some users are not able to connect when using either one of those browsers. If you are having issues connecting and you are using Google Chrome or Firefox, then please switch to Safari, make it your default browser and try reconnecting Hotspot Shield.

To Troubleshoot this problem

1. Open Preferences
2. Go to Profiles
3. Select Hotspot Shield Profile and remove it
4. Reconnect HSS
5. Download a new profile when HSS asks you to do so

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