How do I sign into Hotspot Shield on the Mac?


When you launch Hotspot Shield for the first time, you will either be asked to create an account or to sign in.
To sign in to your Hotspot Shield account:

  1. When you download Hotspot Shield for the first time and install it, you will be greeted with a message asking you to allow VPN configurations. This will allow the VPN to encrypt your data both securely and privately. Please click Allow.
  2. After clicking on Allow, you will then be met with another screen asking you to accept our terms and conditions. Please click "Accept and continue."
  3. After clicking accept and continue, a new screen will pop up asking you to create an account. Please click sign in at the bottom of the page. Screen_Shot_2021-12-10_at_1.07.27_PM.png
  4. After clicking on sign in, please enter in your premium credentials to sign into the application. You will now have signed in to Hotspot Shield. Screen_Shot_2021-12-10_at_1.07.40_PM.png

NOTE: Your password must be 6 or more characters with at least 1 letter, 1 number, and 1 symbol (for example, `!`, `@`, `#`, etc.). An example of a great password is `#Mb8e4r!` (DO NOT USE THIS EXAMPLE AS YOUR PASSWORD.).

  • Forgot your username? Your username is normally the email address you created your account with.
  • Forgot your password? Restore your password.
  • Your username and password are case-sensitive.

If you successfully signed in to your account, you will see your account info as shown below:

  • Premium account:

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