How do I fix the "System Error" problem upon signing in to Mac?

You may get this error in these situations:

  1. When your device is not connected to the internet
  2. When communication with the server fails
  3. When there is a country block

Before troubleshooting, please make sure:

  • You are connected to the internet via WiFi or LAN.
  • To isolate the cause, temporarily disable any third-party app that may interfere with your connection. For example, a firewall with strict settings, another VPN application, or antivirus.
  1. Turn the Hotspot Shield ON.
  2. Switch wifi ON and OFF.
  3. Turn the Hotspot Shield OFF, wait  a few seconds, then turn it back ON.
  4. Delete Hotspot Shield Profile
    • Go to system preferences on your Mac device.
    • Select Network
    • Select Hotspot Shield.
    • Click "-"  then click Apply.
  5. Connect to a different network (for example, if you were connected to Wi-Fi, try connecting to your mobile data network or another Wi-Fi).
  6. Open Hotspot Shield > Turn VPN ON