How do I fix the problem "Service temporarily unavailable"? (Mac)

Issue: Service temporarily unavailable

This error message usually displays due to changes in some factors, such as the server, country, or internet connection.

Before troubleshooting, please make sure:

  • You are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or LAN.
  • A third-party app is not interfering with Internet settings. 'For example, a firewall with strict settings, or another VPN application or antivirus such as Kaspersky or Avast.'
  1. Try to reinstall the app's profile; it should fix the issue.
  • From System Preferences > Network> select the Hotspot Shield VPN profile. Click Apply to save changes.
  • Click on the minus "-" sign at the bottom to remove the profile.
  • Launch the app, reinstall your profile, or try to connect. A dialog box to install a profile will appear. Click "Allow" in the dialog box.
  • From System Preferences > Network> Click on Hotspot Shield VPN > Click the connect switch button (please note that the UI on/off button will be off all the time).
  • If the steps above didn't solve the issue, please contact our support team by clicking settings > Help from the app.