How do I access chat support from my mobile or desktop device?

You can easily access chat support through a variety of methods. Please follow the instructions below for each device. 

From a Mobile device: 

  1. First, please navigate to on your mobile device browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and sign in with your premium credentials.
  2. Once you are signed in, please tap on the "sandwich" icon on the top left. IMG_1160.jpeg
  3. From there, tap on support once you see options like these: Screen_Shot_2022-01-06_at_12.48.36_PM.png
  4. From there, please tap on live chat, and the page will redirect you to the chat window. IMG_1161.jpg

Through the account dashboard on the website:

  1. First, please navigate to, and type in your premium credentials. 
  2. Once signed in, on the left side panel, please click on support.

  3. Once you have clicked support, please click on live chat at the top of the screen. Screen_Shot_2022-01-06_at_12.48.59_PM.png
  4. You will then be redirected to the chat window.