Why is Hotspot Shield VPN not working on my school WiFi using my Android device?

Follow the instructions below if Hotspot Shield VPN isn’t working on your school WiFi (i.e. you want to use Hotspot Shield VPN to play games like Fortnite, or access Instagram or Snap, but the app won't connect at school).

What can I do if my VPN is blocked at school?

Almost all school network administrators block VPN access for students. To know for sure, check to see if your school has an "Acceptable Use Policy" on websites or proxies.

If your school has only blocked certain websites like Facebook, you can use Hotspot Shield to access those sites. However, if your school Wi-Fi network blocks VPNs, you most likely will not be able to use Hotspot Shield.

The best thing to do when VPNs are blocked on a school network is to just find a different internet connection entirely. If possible, turn Wi-Fi off on your device and use mobile data instead.

If you cannot connect to Hotspot Shield on any network (even mobile), you'll first want to troubleshoot general connection issues for your device. You can do that through our Support Center here.

Please be aware that the free version of our app is limited to 500 MB/data per day. This will allow you to watch somewhere around  20 to 30 YouTube videos a day, or stream a couple of TV shows. After that, you will get a message letting you know you've reached your data limit.  

If you do not want a data limit, you can upgrade to the Premium version of our app.

If you are a Premium subscriber and still cannot connect to our VPN, please contact the Hotspot Shield Support Team by clicking on the HELP menu (shown as a question mark on the app) and provide the following details:

    1. The institution you are trying to connect from.
    2. screenshot of any error messages.