Free VPN vs. paid VPN—which one is better for you?



Choosing the best VPN service for you can be difficult, especially when there are so many options available. Both free and paid VPNs offer advantages and disadvantages, so we will discuss all those points to help you choose the right VPN.


What is VPN?
A VPN ensures that the information traveling between your connected device (computer, smartphone, or tablet) and the VPN's server is encrypted and therefore secure from hackers, cybercriminals, and data thieves.

What is a free VPN?
A free VPN service does not require a monthly or yearly subscription cost, making it available to anyone. But you may wonder since the service is free, how do these VPN companies survive? How do they make money to run?


Free VPN providers earn money through the following ways:

1. By flooding you with annoying advertisements
2. By pressuring you to upgrade to the paid versions
3. By keeping records all of your activities and data and selling it to outside parties

What are the drawbacks of a free VPN?

1. Security issues: Due to the low level of encryption and the lack of a reputable server architecture, free VPN companies cannot provide strong digital security to you.
2. Dropped performance: In contrast to a paid VPN, a free VPN will never offer you the newest cybersecurity features. Due to your sluggish connection speed, online gaming or live streaming can't be smooth.
3. No privacy: With a free VPN, your IP address is not at all hidden, so anyone can identify your location and track your online activity.


Why are paid VPNs better than free ones?

Users pay for a VPN subscription, which is how paid VPN providers monetize their services. The money is put toward improving their infrastructure, adding the latest features, and ensuring that users get a top-notch experience.

Since their business model depends on long-term consumers, looking after their user base is crucial to upholding their good reputation.

You may expect improved speeds, a reliable encryption, and round-the-clock assistance if you pay for a membership.

When you use a premium VPN, there is no room for error because they must adhere to to deliver on their promises.

What are the benefits of a paid VPN?


1. An extensive server network: Paid VPNs like Hotspot Shield operate in 80+ countries around the globe. When you choose us, your internet traffic is encrypted. This ensures you can browse the web securely and privately, keeping your sensitive data protected. You can also access information about the countries with severe internet restrictions.
2. Solid privacy: A premium VPN service, such as Hotspot Shield, provides several essential security and privacy features. It does not track your online behavior. It aloso does not sell or collect your browsing data for any other reason.



3. Top-notch encryption: Using a paid VPN is vital if you frequently connect to public Wi-Fi because hackers usually target unsecured networks. Hotspot can guarantee you top-notch encryption so that third parties cannot see your internet traffic and steal your sensitive data.

4. Additional features:
⦁ Unlimited bandwidth
⦁ Link up to 5 devices
⦁ 24/7 live tech support