Can I browse the web without leaving the Hotspot Shield app?


Yes! This is possible using our Hotspot Shield Premium service for Android devices.
Just think about how amazing it would be if you could manage the information shared with Google when you searched for something privately. Moreover, when you enable private mode, there is no need to leave the app and go into an external browser.


Let's look into how you can browse the web in the Hotspot Shield app for Android.
⦁ On the app, there is one icon ( refer to the below-given image). When you click on this option, the app will launch a private browser where you can choose a search engine (such as Google, Bing, etc.) and browse in private.



⦁ After that, you can click on the search box to look up anything or visit any website. This private browser will mask all of your Internet traffic in and out of your phone.


For example, we have searched for What is a VPN?


⦁ Below the search bar, you will find the four most popular apps (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify) web pages.


⦁ Now click on any of the apps, and it will take you to the web pages of that particular app, or you can use the app directly without leaving the Hotspot Shield app.
⦁ After clicking on TikTok, the below-given screen will appear. You can enjoy your TikTok journey from here.


⦁ Next, you can click on YouTube, and the below-given screen will appear. You can see all the interesting videos and explore them as you want.


⦁ After that, if you click on Facebook, a page will appear where you have to enter your Facebook ID and password, and you can easily access your Facebook profile.


⦁ Lastly, there is another option: Spotify. Click on Spotify and enjoy endless music.


⦁ Instead of using Incognito mode in Google Chrome, this added feature will never make you paranoid about your search history, and you will be double sure of all of your online activity.
Important: As a reputable VPN provider, we provide a private browser that shouldn't allow trackers or cookies.