Why is my speed slow when I'm connected to VPN?

(The following is for Android devices. Not on Android? Click here.)

About slow speeds on an Android device
When using Hotspot Shield or any VPN service on your Android device, your data takes a detour through VPN servers for enhanced internet security, resulting in a normal speed reduction of 30%-50%. If you're experiencing slower speeds, try the following steps to optimize your connection.

Troubleshooting Steps:
1. Toggle Connection:
If you notice slow speeds, try toggling the VPN connection off and on a few times. This action prompts the app to search for servers closer to your location, potentially improving speed.
Note: If you notice that using Hotspot Shield is affecting your speed by 50% or more and this isn't helping, then get in touch with our support team by submitting this form.

For more information on how to take a screenshot, please check out this article: How to take a screenshot

2. Speed Test:
To perform a speed test on your Android device,
Install SpeedTest by Ookla from the Play Store.



Start Hotspot Shield and connect to a Virtual Location (e.g., United States or UK).


Go to your browser and enter https://www.hsselite.com/support/session


Visit Hotspot Shield Support and copy the encrypted string.
Email the string to support@hotspotshield.com for further assistance.

3. Detailed Speed Test:
For a more comprehensive speed test:

Launch Speedtest and select "Single" under Connections.
The word "Single" should be white.


Click on "Change Server" and select a city in the same country as your Virtual Location.


Write down the server's name for future tests.


Start the speed test and wait for completion.
Go to Google and search "What is my IP address."


In the SpeedTest tab, click on Results and select the direct link for the last speed test.


Choose upload and send the results to support@hotspotshield.com, including your IP address.




4. Disconnect Test:

Now repeat the test, but first, disconnect Hotspot Shield from the virtual location.

Go back to the SpeedTest site and select “Change Server” and select the same server that was selected in the first test. (If you don’t know it, paste the URL of the first speed test into a browser tab, and the name will be visible.)


Run the speed test.
Wait for the test to finish.
Click on Results.


Click on upload.


Pick Mail (Gmail)


For the email address enter support@hotspotshield.com


By following these steps, you can troubleshoot and provide detailed information to our support team, ensuring a more effective resolution to any speed-related issues.