Why am I getting "System error" upon signing in?

You may get this error in these situations:

  1. When your device is not connected to the internet
  2. When the communication with the server fails
  3. When there is a country block. 

Before troubleshooting, please make sure:

  • You are connected to the internet via WiFi or mobile data network
  • A 3rd party app is not interfering with Internet Settings 'For example, a Firewall with strict settings, or another VPN application.'
  • You are running iOS 12 or above
  • You have the latest version of the app (some older versions will have trouble connecting to our new servers)
  1. Turn Hotspot Shield ON
  2. Switch Airplane Mode ON and OFF
  3. Turn Hotspot Shield OFF, wait few seconds then turn it back ON
  4. Reinstall Hotspot Shield Profile by going to Settings > Re-install VPN Profile
  5. Connect to a different network (for example, if you were connected to WiFi, try connecting to your mobile data network or another WiFi)
  6. Open Hotspot Shield > Turn Hotspot Shield ON