My VPN is slow, what can I do to make it faster? — Hotspot Shield VPN (Windows)

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Here are a couple of things you can try:

* Restarting the VPN

* Rebooting your computer

* Change the virtual location ( This is only a workaround, please follow the rest of this article and send us information on the virtual location that is having problems.)

If that does not work

Whether you’re connected to Hotspot Shield VPN or any other VPN service, data going to and from your device must travel through VPN servers before reaching their target destination. On one hand, this extra step is the nature of any VPN service, and is sometimes the reason people experience a slower connection than usual.

On the other hand, a VPN is a way to regain access to content that’s unavailable without a VPN, or to gain the level of privacy and security Hotspot Shield VPN offers. In some respect, there’s a necessary tradeoff taking place.

Sometimes switching Hotspot Shield on and off a few times can help the app search for servers that are closer (and, therefore, faster) to you. If this step doesn't help with speed and you find your speed is being affected by 50% or more while using Hotspot Shield, run the following test and contact our support team by filling out this form:

Perform a speed test on your Windows device

  1. Start Hotspot Shield VPN and connect to any server (whatever country you need most)
  2. Go to
  3. Important: The speed test should be performed in the same location you're connected to in Hotspot Shield. In, click “Change Server” and set the country to the same location that you selected in Hotspot Shield, or the closest possible location to your selected location (i.e. if you chose the U.S. as your server location in Hotspot Shield, choose the U.S. in as well)
  4. In, ensure that you select “Single” under “Connections” at the bottom of the screen before you start the test

  5. Wait for the test to finish and take a screenshot of the results
  6. Go back to Hotspot Shield and change the server location to one that’s on the other side of the world (i.e. if you’re physically located in the U.S., choose India, or Japan as your server location in Hotspot Shield)
  7. Go to and run another speed test
  8. Wait for the test to finish and take a screenshot of the results
  9. While Hotspot Shield is still on, open a new tab and get your IP address here. Take a screenshot of the IP and location that is displayed
  10. Turn Hotspot Shield VPN off
  11. Go to again. Test your speed using the same country you selected in the beginning and take a screenshot of the results


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