How do I auto-connect on Android?


  • Reconnecting to your VPN connection every time is annoying. When you're in range of a known WiFi network, your devices can automatically connect to our Hotspot Shield VPN, but auto-connect must occasionally be enabled manually.
  • Auto-on for Networks helps you stay protected when you connect to different networks. For example, you can set Hotspot Shield to auto-connect whenever your Android connects to an unsecured network.

Changing Auto-on Settings for Networks
You can set Hotspot Shield to automatically connect when your Android connects to any of the following network types:
1. Unsecured Wi-Fi (not password protected)
2. Secured Wi-Fi (password protected)
3. Mobile Networks

To change auto-on settings for a particular network type:

  1. Tap mceclip0.png to open the Account Menu.
  2. Go to Settings and tap on the Connection Center.1700218236214.jpg
  3. Enable or disable auto-on for the desired network by switching it on or off.