Why can't I connect from my country?

 Before troubleshooting:

  • To isolate the cause, temporarily disable any 3rd party app that may interfere with your connection. For example, a firewall with strict settings, or another VPN application or an antivirus.

Confirm Browsing Works without Hotspot Shield

Before we start troubleshooting Hotspot Shield, first turn off our application and then verify that the sites you tried to visit can be accessed by your browser.

If browsing does not work, try rebooting your computer.  If that does not work, contact your Internet provider or the person who is responsible for your computer.

Test Another VPN Location

Turn Hotspot Shield ON.

Pick another VPN virtual location and select connect.  Then check if the Internet can be accessed by your browser.

If this VPN location works, go back to the original VPN location and test again.   If you are still having problems we need to get your IP address in order to fix the problem.  Fill out the following form describing the issue and include your IP address so we can resolve the issue.