Why can’t I watch iTV Player on my Windows?

If Hotspot Shield isn’t working with iTV Player (i.e. you’re trying to watch iTV Player, but the website or app knows you’re using a VPN, or you can’t connect to iTV Player, or iTV Player is slow while using Hotspot Shield VPN), follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Check to see if you’re signed into Hotspot Shield Premium, and the VPN is on.

Please verify the following information:

  1. I have a Hotspot Shield Premium subscription
    Access to iTV Player is a Hotspot Shield Premium feature. Make sure you’re subscribed and logged in so that you can select different server locations. If you don’t have a Premium account, subscribe here.
  2. I’m signed in to my Premium account
    Check if you’re signed in to your Premium account. To do this, open the app, select the hamburger menu near the top left corner of the screen, Hamburger.pngand select “Account.”
  3. Hotspot Shield is turned on
    To ensure that Hotspot Shield VPN is on and running in the background, you’ll see the stop button,  you’ll be able to view and change server locations.
  4. Try another browser. If iTV Player works on another browser, clear the data and cache on the browser that is not working.

Step 2: Ensure that you’re connected to the correct virtual location

If you can say “yes” to all of the above questions, but you’re still having trouble watching iTV Player with your VPN, follow the instructions below:

  1. Ensure that you’re connected to Hotspot Shield VPN servers in the UK by selecting the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of “Server location:” and choosing “United Kingdom”
  2. Go to itv.com or open the application and sign in to your iTV Player account
  3. Try watching iTV Player

Step 3: Close Hotspot Shield, iTV Player, and clear your cache

  1. Disconnect Hotspot Shield VPN and close the application
  2. Sign out of your iTV Player account and close your web browser
  3. Clear your browser's cookies and cache. Learn how to do this here: how to clear cookies and cache?
  4. Open the Hotspot Shield application again and turn the VPN ON
  5. Go to itv.com or open the application and sign in to your iTV Player account
  6. Try watching iTV Player again