How do I uninstall Hotspot Shield from my Android device?

Uninstalling Hotspot Shield from your Android device is simple, you just need to go to the Settings of the device > Apps > locate Hotspot Shield > tap on Uninstall. (you can see more details in this article) However, in some cases, you may find that the Uninstall button is grayed out.

Sometimes some applications are given by the Android system a bit more privilege than a normal app would have, due to this added privilege you will need to go some extra steps in order to delete Hotspot Shield from your Android device.

1. Go to the General Settings of your device. 


2. Look for Security. 


3. Tap on Phone Administrator. (on some devices, this is called Device administrators) 


4. Uncheck Hotspot Shield. 


The Uninstall button will be enabled and Hotspot Shield can be normally uninstalled as explained before.