How do I uninstall Hotspot Shield from my Android device?


Uninstalling Hotspot Shield from your Android device is simple. Though there are several ways to uninstall it, Whichever would be easiest, you can go for that.

Please note that you can hold down the app, and four options will appear. There is an option to uninstall. If that does not work, please try the following two way:

1st way:

1. Open the Google Play app store.

2. Tap on your account picture.


3. Tap Manage apps & device.


4. Tap on Installed and Scroll down to Hotspot Shield.


5.Tap on Uninstall.

2nd way:

1. Open Settings on your device.
2. Click on Apps.

HSS PIC 3.png

3. Tap Manage apps.

HSS PIC 4.png

4. Click on Uninstall.

HSS PIC 5.png

5. Find the app you want to delete and select it.

HSS PIC 6.png

6.Tap Uninstall.

Please visit this Site for steps to uninstall any app downloaded from the Google Play store.