What do all these settings mean on iOS?

Hotspot Shield on iOS has features and benefits that can be amazing when turned on. Please review this brief summary explaining each feature and where it can be located. 

Once you are signed in to the application on your iOS device, please select the person icon on the bottom right and navigate to settings.


VPN Protocol

You can easily change your protocols from this section which can help solve issues with connections or access. We highly suggest changing your protocol whenever you have a technical issue with our application. You can choose from 3 different protocols. 

Automatic (Recommended)

This is automatically turned on when you connect to a virtual location. When this protocol is selected, we will pick the fastest and most secure protocol to connect to for your network or area.


This is our company-developed protocol. It only can be found with us. This unique protocol is the fastest in the VPN industry and faster than our other protocols. It is the most secure of our protocols, so whenever you have a technical problem, please try changing to Hydra. 

IKEv2 (IPSec)

While being less secure than the other protocols, this is one of our very fast protocols under our belt. If not at par with Hydra, this is still a reliable protocol that may help with certain technical issues.


Hotspot Shield on iOS has a Bypass feature that can bypass specific websites. Once you manually add a site to this feature, the VPN will automatically connect to that app once it has been opened. To add an app or site, click the check mark next to bypass and click the add option. 

You can also Route VPN access which will exclusively connect to the VPN always when the VPN is on. You can add apps to this feature by toggling it on via the check box, and clicking add next.

To disconnect the VPN once you have closed that site, you will need to go back into the UltraVPN application and disconnect it manually for both Bypass VPN and Route VPN. 

Re-install VPN Profile

As with other Apple applications, this will help restore your account to premium status if the app is recognizing you as a free member. If you have gotten charged recently, but you are showing free in the app, please try this setting to re-enable your premium access. This can help with payment or account issues not recognized by the app. 

Always-on VPN

This feature cannot turn off, and for your security, it stays on. This setting will help reestablish the VPN connection automatically if the VPN somehow gets disconnected. 

Kill Switch

This setting will help make everything more secure with you as it will automatically disable the connection to the internet if the VPN connection drops out of nowhere when you are connected.