How do I troubleshoot email issues?

If you cannot send or receive emails, your ISP may be blocking your connection or your current email client’s TCP port 25, which is used to transfer emails between mail servers, has been blocked. 

To resolve the issue, please attempt the steps below to help with this issue. 

  1. Please try changing to another Virtual location or test other locations near you. With email issues, people tend to use the USAuto server, we suggest changing to a city location and connecting. 
  2. Please try adding the email app to the split-tunneling list. In our app, we call it Smart VPN. It is only available on select platforms, and you can add the email app by pressing the "+" button to bypass the VPN connection. 
  3. Please try changing your email port number which can be found in your email client settings. 
    • Update to the latest version of your email app.
    • Change your outgoing port number from 25 to 587 or 465.