Information on Hotspot Shield being part of Aura

What is Aura?  As you know, Hotspot Shield was one of Pango’s products. Pango was acquired by Aura, a digital security company.

When did this happen? The acquisition of Pango was effective July 1, 2020. However, effective September 2020, we decided to launch a rebranding of Hotspot Shield to align with Aura and hence, the colors are changing. 

Why did Aura and Pango merge? Aura, like Pango, is on a mission to make security and privacy simple and accessible to everyone. We're combining our resources to advance our mission even faster. This combined company helps us realize our shared vision, and positions us well to become this era’s all-in-one consumer privacy and security leader. Most importantly it serves as a crucial milestone in our journey to make the internet a safer place, and deliver the future of consumer privacy and security to everyone.

How does this affect Hotspot Shield? As you know, Hotspot Shield was one of Pango’s products.  Starting in September 2020, Hotspot Shield colors will change to match the Aura product line, in preparation to have it join the Aura product lineup.

Did Pango’s privacy policy or terms of service change? We have updated our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service slightly to account for organizational changes, but our commitment to your privacy and security remain as strong as before.  

What if I have the Pango bundle? For those who currently are eligible for Robo Shield, Identity Guard, and 1Password, you will still continue to have access to these great security products! We will notify all active users of the Pango bundle in advance if any adverse changes are made to the Pango bundle.

Are my services still the same as they were before? Your services that you had with either Hotspot Shield or the Pango bundle have not changed at all. 

Will this impact my current billing? Do not worry, your billing will not be impacted with this merger. Everything will remain the same with billing and pricing, nothing will be changed. 

I have other questions. How can I contact Hotspot Shield? Click here to contact us.