What is a Premium Family plan and how does it work?

With the Hotspot Shield Premium Family plan, you have the opportunity to have a shared family plan with up to 5 members. 

Please note that the family plan does not come with the bundled apps, nor can it be added to the plan. The family plan is a standalone item. You can find where and how to purchase the family plan by visiting this link.

  1. Family Manager - This user is the primary account holder of the family plan. The Manager has administrative rights to invite and remove members within the plan.
  2. Family Member - This user is added to the family plan by the manager
  3. Premium Family Plan - All 5 members of the family plan. 

How does the Hotspot Shield Premium Family plan work?

  • A Premium Family plan allows you to share your Hotspot Shield paid membership with up to 4 other family members. Each family member will get Hotspot Shield Premium access and can connect up to 5 devices each.
  • As the primary account holder, the family manager can invite family members via email to share their membership with them.
  • As a family member, you’ll get invited to join and activate your own Hotspot Shield Premium account. We take steps to ensure your account email is visible only to the family manager.

Family manager requirements:

In order to share your family plan, you must meet the following  requirements:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must not already have a Premium Hotspot Shield subscription.
  • They must not be a part of another family group. 

Family member requirements:

Please review the requirements needed for a family member to join. 

  • Must be 13 years or older (or the appropriate age in your country)
  • Must not already have a Premium Hotspot Shield subscription.
  • Must not be a part of another family group. 

Can I join a Premium Family plan if I already have a Premium subscription?

Please note that a family manager will not invite you to join their family plan if you already have your own personal Premium subscription. If you already have a premium subscription, then you will need to cancel that subscription, wait until it expires, and once you are back to a basic account, the family manager can now send you an invitation to join their family plan.

What happens if the manager removes a member from the family group?

If you remove a family member’s account from your Premium Family plan by clicking the “Remove from Family” link on your Account Information page, that account will convert into a free account. To completely delete the account and the data associated with it, you must submit a request to our Support team.

If your subscription to a Family Plan ends, then each of your family members’ accounts will convert to free individual accounts.