How can I get all of my unsupported devices protected by Hotspot Shield?

Although Hotspot Shield covers many devices, there are some devices that cannot be supported directly due to various limitations. One option to cover such devices as Apple TV, Ruko, PS5, XboxOne, PS4, some SmartTV's, iOT devices, and the Chromebook is to use an inexpensive travel router. 
Before we go into more detail about the alternative cheap travel router, please verify that your existing router is not already supported. Please review this article, which contains information regarding our supported routers. 
If your existing router is not already supported please try this alternative. Many routers, such as the GL.iNet travel router, can be used to enable our VPN on the above types of devices. You can check out that router details using this link.
  • Add this router to your existing home network as an extension of your Wi-Fi by adding this as a 2nd router.
  • Then upgrade it by installing Hotspot Shield using this detailed article.

After you have the installation completed, simply have any of the above types of devices connect to that router. Note even with your 2nd router you can easily switch between connecting to the travel router and your original router depending on your needs. With all that completed you can rest easy knowing that all of your devices connected to that travel router are now protected by our award-winning Hotspot Shield VPN!