Why is my speed slow on my Linux device and how can I fix this issue?

Issue: Hotspot Shield is really slow on my Linux device. I'm a Premium member using Linux but I can't even stream a video or movie.

Please note general guidance suggests that you choose a virtual location that’s as near to you as possible (unless you’re trying to access content that’s native to a different country [i.e. trying access U.S. Netflix from Japan etc]). 

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About slow speeds on Linux

When you’re connected to Hotspot Shield or any VPN service, data going in and out of your device travels through the VPN servers first before reaching their target. That's how internet anonymity is achieved and why it's normal to experience a speed reduction from 30%-50% when using any VPN service.

Please run the following speed test to gather information for our support team to review. Fill out this form with that information when finished:

To perform a speed test on your Linux device:

  1. Start Hotspot Shield and connect to a virtual location (Germany or UK for example). Or connect to the virtual location that you noticed this speed drop.
  2. After connecting, go to this site https://www.hsselite.com/support/session and once connected to the VPN there will be a white box with text inside. Copy the entire encrypted text from that white box. Click on the text and press Command & A at the same time to select all the text in the box. Copy and paste the encrypted string of text in the email that you are sending to us (Command & C for Copy), and (Command & V to paste). Do not send the email just yet.
  3. With Hotspot Shield still ON and connected, open a new tab on your browser and get your IP address here. Copy and paste that IP address into the same email response to us. Please note we are still not sending the email just yet. 
  4. Now, please go to this website https://www.speedtest.net/ when you are connected to Hotspot Shield to view where you will be doing the Speed test.
  5. Before starting this test, make sure to click on the Change server button. Refer to the screenshot below to see where that button is. IMPORTANT: When you click on the change server button make sure to enter a city that is in the same country as the Virtual Location that you selected in Hotspot Shield when got connected. Or try to choose the closest possible location to that Virtual Location you selected. After selecting on the server that matches the location or close to it, please make sure to write down the name of that server you just selected. We will need to use this same server in another speed test later on. 
  6. Also, make sure that you select the option for "Single" connection before you start the test.
  7. Begin the speed test, wait for the test to finish and copy the link or URL once completed. Please paste that info into the same email to us. Refer to the screenshots below to find where to copy the link.
    Speedtest_desktop_select_results-S.png Copy_the_link.png
  8. We are going to repeat another speed test, but first, please disconnect Hotspot Shield entirely. 
  9. After disconnecting Hotspot Shield, go back to the SpeedTest site and select “Change Server” again and select the same server that was selected in the first test. Continue to have Hotspot Shield disconnected for this next test. Quick Tip: If you didn’t note or you can not remember the name of the original server you tested, paste the same URL or link of the first speed test into another browser tab and the name will be visible for you.
  10. Proceed to run the speed test. Please wait for the test to finish and click on the speed test results option once again when completed. 
  11. From here, please copy the Web URL or link from this speed test result as you did before and paste it into the same email reply to us.
  12. Lastly, we just need you to check the email that you have been creating for us for our support team to review. The email should contain a few items. The email should contain the long string of encrypted text from the beginning, the 2 URLs or links from the speed test results, one with the VPN on and one with the VPN off, and then the IP address when Hotspot Shield is connected. 

If all the above is verified from step 12, please continue to send the email over to our support team and we will review the information you have provided to us. Once reviewed our team will reply back to you with our results.