What are all of the Hotspot Shield commands on Linux?

Hotspot Shield on Linux runs off a command-based system within the Terminal window. Below is a list of all the commands with Hotspot Shield. Please note that when running the command: hotspotshield help you can see the list of all available commands. 

* Commands are case sensitive 

What you want Hotspot Shield to do  Command 

Sign in to Hotspot Shield

hotspotshield account signin

View account information and status

hotspotshield account status

Sign out of Hotspot Shield

hotspotshield account signout

Start the VPN, does not connect it

hotspotshield start

Stops the VPN in the background, disconnects if connected

hotspotshield stop

Displays the list of all available Virtual locations

hotspotshield locations
Connect to a Virtual Location or city

hotspotshield connect [country code]
Example: hotspotshield connect US
hotspotshield connect USNY
(commands are case sensitive) 

Disconnect or change to another Virtual Location

 hotspotshield disconnect

Connect to the most recent location

hotspotshield connect

Check if the VPN is running

hotspotshield status

To view the full list of available commands

hotspotshield help

Update Hotspot Shield

For .deb sudo apt upgrade -y

(on Ubuntu you may need to run sudo apt update -y first)

For .rpm sudo dnf upgrade -y

Install Hotspot Shield

For .deb sudo apt install ./[filename]

For .rpm sudo dnf install [filename]

 Remove/uninstall Hotspot Shield

For .deb sudo dpkg -r hotspotshield

For .rpm sudo rpm -e hotspotshield-vpn

Check your public IP

curl ipinfo.io

Quit Hotspot Shield

hotspotshield stop