Cancel Subscription on Android

Issue: I need to cancel auto-renewal on my subscription that I purchased through my Android phone or the Google Play store. 

How To Stop Auto-Renewal Charges On Android

(Didn't pay through Android or Google Play? See: How to Cancel Auto-Renewal on Your Premium Subscription.)

On an Android

  • Open the Google Play Store

  • Select the Hotspot Shield app

  • In the subscription section, tap CANCEL

  • Tap YES to confirm cancellation

Through the Google Play website

  • Go to

  • From the left menu click My Subscriptions

  • Select Hotspot Shield 

  • Tap Cancel subscription

  • Follow the onscreen instructions

If you cannot cancel your Premium Subscription in Google Play, please submit a request to our Help Center with your GPA order number and Google Play email address so that we can cancel for you.

(If you are cancelling because you were not satisfied with our application, please be aware that we offer free, technical support services for Premium customers through email and live chat.)

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