Does Hotspot Shield include protection from malware?

All of our platforms (iOS, Android, PC, & Mac) include protection from malware, phishing, and spam for premium Premium users and malware protection for free users. The database contains 36 million known threats that we block in real time on our servers, and the database is aggregated from many different security vendors and is constantly updated.

These entries cover multiple categories: malware infection, malware repository, phishing, spam,  fraud, untrusted, etc. Domains and URLs classified as malware are blocked for all Hotspot Shield users; other threat categories are only blocked for paid Premium users. While antivirus protects users from viruses on their device, Hotspot Shield protects our user online from web-based threats on the internet.

On Android, we launched a new feature in the UI where users can initiate a malware scan themselves manually.

AnchorFree is working on increasing the range of security features offered to our users, both as parts of our Hotspot Shield VPN and as future stand-alone products.

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