Why doesn't Hotspot Shield use the more common VPN protocols?

Hotspot Shield used to use standard IPSec and OpenVPN protocols to power Hotspot Shield but found major performance and latency challenges with it, therefore, we created our own proprietary Catapult Hydra to address the issues of VPN latency.

Catapult Hydra uses different algorithms to establish the VPN tunnel, perform authentication, establish client connections and exchange the payload data inside the tunnel. This results in significant performance advantages such as:

  • Connection to a VPN server is established much faster;
  • Time to first byte for each client connection inside the tunnel saves 1.2 RTTs
  • Less data is transferred inside the tunnel
  • Connection speed for long-distance connections is 2.4x faster than for OpenVPN tunnel between the same client and server

Our proprietary VPN protocol significantly improves performance over long-distance connections. You are welcome to test it yourself by following the steps in this article: The best way to test your internet speed.