Why shouldn't I remove the Hotsopt Shield app from your devices?


Take a moment to read what we have to say if you've decided to delete your VPN app for whatever reason. If you're dissatisfied with your current experience, check your VPN settings to verify you're utilizing the optimum alternatives for your needs.


Read why you shouldn't uninstall your trusted VPN app from your device, and then make your decision wisely.

Safeguarding your internet activities: Your device could be vulnerable to several internet risks if you disable a VPN. It's just like failing to activate your apartment's security alarm before going out.
Bypassing censorship: A few governments have complete control over what their subjects can watch, read, and think. If you live in or visit to one of these countries, a VPN is the best method to recover your internet freedom.
Keeping your digital identity safe: When you uninstall our VPN, you disclose your digital identity. ISPs or Wi-Fi snoopers will monitor what you do online; marketers will catch your data, and it can go to scammers anytime.