Enhance your Hotspot Shield Experience

Thank you for choosing Hotspot Shield!

We made our app free so that any Internet user can benefit from our online privacy, security and access solutions. In order to cover Hotspot Shield operating costs, we provide this free ad-based version which will give you a taste of what Hotspot Shield has to offer. The revenue generated by ads help us to guarantee the gratuity of the service. However, we offer a premium version as well for those who wish to enjoy premium benefits.

Want to get greater features and improve your online experience with no ads? Hotspot Shield Elite is for you!

Benefits of subscribing to Elite


 Access to different Virtual Locations

We offer 24 different Virtual Locations for you to get access to content abroad.

  Unlimited access to geo-restricted sites

Bypass Internet censorship and restrictions by instantly unblocking any geo-restricted website.

 Unlimited data bandwidth

Browse as much as you want with no restrictions. 

     Ad-free browsing

Forget about ads appearing every now and then.

 Ability to link up to 5 devices to one Elite account

Link up to five different devices simultaneously with a single account. We currently support the following platforms: iOS, Win, Mac and Android

    Unlimited downloading.

Download as much content as you want with no limits.


 Upgrading to Elite is easy, we have different payment methods available so you can choose the best option for you. Once you’re signed up, all you have to do is log in and you’re set to access all the benefits of being an Elite customer. Get Elite now.

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