I I have a Premium account, so why am I seeing ads and can't select different virtual locations?


Issue: Premium Account Issues: Ads and Virtual Location Troubles

Are you facing issues with your premium account, such as unexpected ads or difficulty selecting different virtual locations? We've got you covered with some troubleshooting steps to enhance your user experience.

To get premium features, you must be signed in to your premium account. You can make sure you are signed in by following the steps listed in this article

To enjoy Premium features seamlessly, make sure you are signed in to your Premium account. Follow these steps:

  •  If you're already signed in, consider upgrading to the latest version by visiting here.
  • Navigate to Settings > Sign in or create account > Sign Out.
  • Upgrade to Premium by signing in again via Settings > Sign in or create account > Sign In. Enter your username and password.
  • Confirm your upgraded status on the Hotspot Shield Account page, where your account type should be displayed as Premium.

Still facing issues? Reach out to us:
If the steps above didn't solve the issue, please contact our dedicated support team by filling out this form
and providing the following details for a quicker resolution:

1. Which premium account were you signed into?
2. Which virtual location were you attempting to select when faced with issues?
3. Attach a screenshot to help us visualize the problem.


Note: If you're currently on a free account, you can explore the benefits of a premium account by trying it for free here.