Redeeming codes purchased from partners

Once you have successfully purchased a Premium subscription through one of our partners an email will be sent to you with your Premium license code and instructions on how to apply it to your account. 


Please check your inbox and follow the instructions included in the email. 

Be advised subscriptions purchased through a partner are not refundable

To Redeem your License code:

1. Click on the option Redemption Link. You will be redirected to Hotspot Shield Landing page. 

2. If you have not created a HSS account, choose the option Create Account. Enter the email address and password you want to set up as credentials > Select the "I'm not a Robot" box > Click on Register. 


3. If you already have an account, once you are redirected to the HSS landing page, choose the option Have an account. Introduce Premium credentials: Your username and correct password > Click on Sign in.

4. Once on your account dashboard, select the option Redeem License.

5. Introduce the License code received in the email after purchase. Click on Redeem. 



 6. A confirmation that the code was successfully redeemed will be displayed. Your subscription and account details should update and display correctly on the app’s home screen.


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