"VPN Server didn't respond" (iOS)

This error message usually displays due to changes in some factors such as the server, country, or when the internet connection is slow or off.

You will also get this error while trying to connect from the device Settings, please connect\disconnect Hotspot Shield from the app's dashboard as it will not allow you to control it from Settings. (UI on/off button in Settings will be off all the time)

If you keep seeing the error:

  1. Try to reinstall the app's profile, it should fix the issue;
    • Go to System Preferences > Network> select Hotspot Shield VPN profile.
    • Click on the minus "-" sign at the bottom to remove the profile.
  2. Launch the app and reinstall profile or try to connect. Dialog box to install profile will appear. Click "Allow" in the dialog box
  3. From System Preferences > Network> Click on Hotspot Shield VPN > Click connect switch button (please note UI on/off button will be off all the time)

If the steps above don't work and you are located in any of the following countries: Pakistan, Iran, Oman, Qatar, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, please contact our support by filling out this form and provide a description of the issue and a screenshot (If applicable)

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