Link device to subscription

If you have problems to view the links in this article from blocked countries, please connect Hotspot Shield to US virtual location

 To link a device to your Premium subscription, sign in to your Hotspot Shield Premium account on that device. 

  1. Sign in to the app on iOS:
    • At the top left tap Settings.
    • Tap My Account > Sign In
    • Enter your Premium username and password
    • Tap Sign In
  2. How to sign in on the Windows client
  3. How to sign in to Mac DMG client
  4. How to sign in to Mac App
  5. How to sign in to the app on Android

Note: You can link up to 5 devices to your Premium subscription. If you are trying to link a 6th device to your Premium account, you will be able to use Hotspot Shield as a free user only. To get Premium benefits on that device, you may log out from one of the 5 devices linked to your account or purchase a new subscription.