Profile not signed

iOS VPN profiles are set up by our HSS app. Profiles configured by apps cannot be signed, since they are configured directly instead of being downloadable files, and that naturally applies also to this profile.

We decided to move to application-configured profiles to achieve better usability. With this approach you can turn the HSS VPN on and off through HSS-app own user interface. It is no longer necessary to go to the iOS settings to turn our product on and off. Trying to manage the application from the General settings of the phone will result in the error message ""The VPN Server did not respond".

The unsigned profile doesn't weaken the security of our product; it is configured directly by the signed application itself, and the connection is still as strongly protected as it has always been.

Our profile originally contained a client certificate signed by our initial "client8". The new CA shows up in new VPN profiles installed after 2015-01-26.

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