Signing in to Hotspot Shield v4.18.x

Running Hotspot Shield

You can run the Hotspot Shield client by double-clicking the Hotspot Shield icon or by clicking the Hotspot Shield icon in the system tray.

Enabling Elite features

To enable Elite features, you need to sign in to your Elite account from the Hotspot Shield app. If you're not signed in, you will see “Hotspot Shield FREE” at the top of the Hotspot Shield window.

UPDATE: In Hotspot Shield v4.18.x, you can now sign in from within the app.

Signing in to Hotspot Shield

If protection is paused or stopped, the Sign In or Sign Out menu item will be hidden from the Hotspot Shield menu. First start protection, and the sign in or sign out menu item will be visible.

To sign in to your Elite account:

  1. At the top-left corner, click the shield  to open the menu.
    Tap Menu (Shield)
  2. Click Sign In.
    Tap Sign In
  3. Enter your username and password (they are case-sensitive). Then click SIGN IN.
    Enter credentials and tap SIGN IN
If you have trouble signing in via the app, please try signing in via browser. Click Browser sign in at the bottom of the Sign In screen.

Hotspot Shield will switch to Elite mode, and all Elite features will be enabled. The banner at the top will say "Hotspot Shield ELITE".

Do you have Hotspot Shield v3.42 installed? For help signing in to Hotspot Shield v3.42, please see Windows: Signing in to Hotspot Shield v3.42 (old version).
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