Hotspot Shield Settings

Windows Start Guide


To view Hotspot Shield settings, at the top-left corner, click the 3-bar icon to open the menu, then click ⚙️ Settings.                                                                 

Here's a description of each one of the settings;

Setting Description
Run on Windows launch

To launch Hotspot Shield when Windows boots up. The app will appear in the taskbar. Hotspot Shield will resume the connection state it was in before Windows Shut down.

Prevent IP leak To enable IPv6 and WebRTC leak protection.
Unsafe WiFi Hotspots

Turns Hotspot Shield on automatically for unsafe WiFi Hotspots.

Safe WiFi Hotspots

Turns Hotspot Shield on automatically for safe WiFi Hotspots.

Other Turns Hotspot Shield on automatically for other networks, for example, your phone's mobile data.

To change a setting, just click the OFF/ON toggle button.

Language Settings

You can change the application's language to any of our supported languages from the settings menu.

To view the languages available, click on the drop down menu next to the language, then you will see the list of languages, select your desired language and the app will display that language.


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