Setting Auto-on for Networks

Android v4.x Start Guide

Auto-on for Networks

Auto‑on for Networks helps you stay protected when you connect to different networks. For example, you can set Hotspot Shield to auto‑connect whenever your Android connects to an unsecured network.

Changing Auto‑on Settings for Networks

You can set Hotspot Shield to automatically connect when your Android connects to any of the following network types:

  • Unsecured Wi‑Fi (Not password protected)
  • Secured Wi‑Fi (Password protected)
  • Mobile Networks
  • Other Networks

To change Auto‑on settings for a particular network type:

  1. Tap the Menu icon > Settings > Network.
  2. Tap the network type's switch ON to enable or OFF to disable.
    Tap the Menu iconTap Settings, then tap NetworkEnable or Disable Auto-on for each Network type
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