Setting Auto-on for Apps

Android v4.x Start Guide

Auto-on for Apps

Auto‑on for apps makes it easier for you to access and unblock content and websites.

You can set Hotspot Shield to auto‑connect whenever you launch a particular app, whether it's from Hotspot Shield's main screen or anywhere else on your device.

Changing Auto-on Settings for Apps

You can enable or disable Auto‑on for each of your apps in the App List.

To change Auto‑on settings for a specific app:

  1. Tap the Menu icon > Settings > App List.
  2. Tap the app's switch ON to enable or OFF to disable.
Once you enable Auto‑on for an app, it will be added to the app's main screen. If you disable Auto‑on for an app, it will be removed from the app's main screen.
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