Uninstalling from Windows Phone

Disable the VPN profile first. Before uninstalling Hotspot Shield from your Windows Phone, you must first disable the VPN profile. If you uninstall Hotspot Shield with the VPN active, you will not be able to remove the certificates.

Disabling VPN profile

To disable the VPN profile:

  1. Go to Settings > VPN.
  2. Touch and hold the HotspotShield profile until a menu appears.
  3. Tap switch to manual.
  4. Tap the HotspotShield profile to turn it off.

When the profile is disabled, "not connected, manual" is shown below "HotspotShield".

Once you've disabled the VPN profile, you can delete the Hotspot Shield app as you normally would.

Uninstalling Hotspot Shield

To delete the Hotspot Shield app:

  1. In the App list, touch and hold the Hotspot Shield app.
  2. Tap Uninstall.
  3. Then tap Yes to confirm.
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