Connecting Hotspot Shield

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The latest system update of Windows Mobile introduced an issue which doesn't allow to set up a VPN connection. Hotspot Shield no longer supports Windows mobile devices.

Connecting for the first time

When you connect Hotspot Shield for the first time, you'll be asked to install a VPN certificate. The certificate authenticates your identity, and is used to establish and secure the VPN connection.

See regular connection steps

No password needed to install certificate. When prompted to enter a password for "key.p12", you do not need to enter anything. Just tap done.

To install the VPN certificate and connect for the first time:

  1. Tap the Red Shield button.
  2. Tap ok in the "Certificate" dialog box.
  3. On the "Install certificate?" screen, you'll be asked to enter a password. Leave the password field blank and tap done.
  4. Tap install to begin installing the certificate.
  5. Once your certificate is installed, tap ok.
  6. On the next screen, enter your Windows account credentials, and then tap save.

Connecting Hotspot Shield

When you connect Hotspot Shield, you'll be asked to choose a certificate.

To connect Hotspot Shield:

  1. Open the Hotspot Shield app, and tap Microsoft connect.
  2. Tap "choose a certificate" field.
  3. Select any of your certificates.
  4. Tap connect.
  5. Enter your Windows account credentials and tap save.
  6. Tap Microsoft connect. Once connected, all your traffic is secured.
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