Hotspot Shield v3.x Settings

Android v3.x Start Guide

This article is for Hotspot Shield v3.x for Android. We highly encourage all our users to update to the latest release, Hotspot Shield v4, on the Google Play Store.

General  |  Selected Sites  |  Smart Mode

General Settings

To view General settings, tap Shield HSS Icon > General Settings.

To enable a setting, just tap the checkbox. A check indicates the setting is enabled.

Start on boot

Select to launch Hotspot Shield automatically after Android boots up. Hotspot Shield will not automatically connect because Android security protocols require you to trust the application before it connects.

Turn off VPN while sleep

Select to turn off VPN when your Android is in Sleep mode. Turn off VPN during Sleep mode to save battery life. Keep VPN on during Sleep mode to protect your data if any is sent during Sleep mode.

Network notification

Select to be notified when you connect to an unsafe network.

Selected Sites Settings

The Selected Sites settings are for Hotspot Shield’s Selected Sites Protection Mode. Here you can select which websites to protect and on which Virtual Location to protect them on.

To view Selected Sites settings, tap Shield HSS Icon > Selected Sites.

The Selected Sites screen displays the domains that are protected for each Virtual Location. Each Virtual Location has its own set of default domains. The protection for these default domains can be turned on and off.

You can add custom domains under each Virtual Location. Once added, custom domains are always protected. To stop protection of a custom domain, you must remove it.

First select the Virtual Location you want to manage. Protection settings for default and custom domains are specific to a Virtual Location.

To select a Virtual Location and view its domains:

  1. Tap the Virtual Location bar.
  2. Select the Virtual Location of the domains you want to manage.
  3. Tap < Virtual Location to see the Virtual Locations domains.

Changing protection for default domains

  • Select the default domain’s checkbox to protect it.
  • Deselect the default domain’s checkbox to not protect it.
This change applies only for the selected Virtual Location and only when Hotspot Shield is in Selected Sites Protection Mode.

To add a custom domain:

  1. Enter the domain name in the bottom text field. For example, “”.
  2. Then tap  to add the domain.
Protection for a custom domain can’t be turned off. When you add a custom domain for a Virtual Location, it will always be protected for that Virtual Location when Hotspot Shield is in Selected Sites Protection Mode. To turn off protection for a custom domain, you must remove it.

To remove a custom domain, tap  next to the custom domain you want to remove.

Smart Mode Settings

The Hotspots and Networks settings are for Hotspot Shield’s Smart Protection Mode. Here you can select which protection mode to use for each type of network: Unsafe, Safe, and Other. Learn more about these network types

Custom networks is a list of networks you’ve connected to. You can set the protection mode to use for each of these networks.

To view Smart Mode settings, tap Shield HSS Icon > Smart Mode Settings.

To change the default settings of a network type:

  1. Tap a network type to view its settings: Unsafe Wi-Fi hotspots, Safe Wi-Fi hotspots, Mobile networks, Other networks, or a custom network.
  2. Select the protection mode to use: FULL, SELECTED SITES, or OFF.
  3. Tap < Smart protection to return to Hotspots & Networks screen.
You can change the setting back to its default setting by selecting USE DEFAULT.
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