Changing Protection Modes on v3.x

Android v3.x Start Guide

This article is for Hotspot Shield v3.x for Android. We highly encourage all our users to update to the latest release, Hotspot Shield v4, on the Google Play Store.

Changing Protection Modes

Hotspot Shield offers three Protection Modes: Selected Sites, Smart, and Full. See Protection Modes below for more details.

To change the Protection Mode:

  1. On the home screen, tap the Protection Mode bar.
  2. Select a protection mode (SELECTED SITES, SMART or FULL).

Protection Modes

Selected Sites Protection Mode enables protection only for domains that are listed in the Selected Sites settings. There are a few domains added by default. You can also add domains of your own. See Selected Sites Settings

When you connect through a VPN, there will be loss in speed. The greater amount of data a VPN service secures and encrypts, the greater speed loss will be. Selected Sites Protection Mode lets you choose which sites or domains to protect. Domains not listed in Selected Sites will not be protected, but you will retain your normal internet browsing speed. This mode also lets other programs retain normal internet speeds.

Smart Protection Mode is a new feature introduced in v3.0. This mode uses preset logic to determine which type of protection to use depending on the security of the network. It uses both Selected Sites Protection Mode and Full Protection Mode depending on the network you are connected to. A network falls into one of the following three categories:

  • Safe: WiFi networks that use WEP encryption and are password protected are considered Safe networks. When you connect to Safe networks in Smart Protection Mode, HSS uses Selected Sites Protection Mode by default.
  • Unsafe: WiFi networks that don’t use WEP encryption or are not password protected are considered Unsafe networks. When you connect to Unsafe networks in Smart Protection Mode, HSS uses Full Protection Mode by default.
  • Other: Networks that don’t match any of the above criteria are categorized as Other network. When you connect to Other networks in Smart Protection Mode, HSS uses Full Protection Mode by default.

You can change what Protection Mode is used for each network type in Smart Mode Settings. See Smart Mode Settings

Full Protection Mode, as the name suggests, will enable security and encryption for all of the incoming and outgoing traffic from the device. All apps, services, and the domains visited will be protected.

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