Updating your account information and settings

You can update your basic account information and notifications settings from your Profile page. You can access this page from your Dashboard.

To view your Profile page:

  1. Sign in to your Dashboard at  www.hsselite.com/sign-in.
  2. Click Manage your profile in the panel below the Time left panel.

Update your account information

The Profile page lets you update your basic account information including your email, phone number, password, and language setting.

To update your account information:

  1. Click Edit  icon next to the information you want to update.
  2. Enter or select your updated information.
  3. Then click Check icon or Update.

Change your notifications settings

From time to time, we’ll send you product updates and announcements via email and SMS text message. If you don’t want to receive these, you can turn off notifications on your Profile page.

To disable notifications: click the Product Updates switch to OFF.

If you disable notifications, you will still receive important account information.
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