Connecting Hotspot Shield v3.1 on iOS 7

If you've updated to Hotspot Shield v3.1.0 on your iOS 7 device, you'll notice that connecting to our VPN has changed.

Users running iOS 7 can't use the Protection switch to connect to Hotspot Shield's VPN. You will need to turn on protection and connect the VPN from your device's settings, not the Hotspot Shield app.

From your iOS 7 device:

  1. Launch Hotspot Shield.
  2. Tap your desired Virtual Location. You'll be asked to install the profile.

    Select VL

  3. Tap Install > Install > Install Now. If prompted, enter your passcode. Then tap Done.
    You must install a VPN profile each time you switch Virtual Locations.

    Install button   Install Button 2   Install Now button

  4. Go to Settings > Switch VPN ON.

    iOS Settings   VPN switch

    The protection switch will always be OFF, even if the VPN service is on. You can verify the VPN is on by going to and checking what location is shown.
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