Your Hotspot Shield Dashboard

You can view your Hotspot Shield account information from your Dashboard. It’s where you can manage your subscription, devices, and profile.

To view your Dashboard:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password. Hint: Your username is normally your email
  3. Then click Sign in

You can view your transaction history and redeem any purchased license keys in the "Account" section.

You can change your password in the "Email & Password" section by clicking on "Details", then by entering your "Current Password", then your "New Password" and you'll need to confirm your New Password.

You can see what devices are using Hotspot Shield and you can change device ID/Names in order to identify them easier in the future by clicking on "Details" in the "Devices" section. You can also remove devices that you no longer use or do not want on the account in "Details".



You can also choose to subscribe to email and/or sms product updates and notifications in the "Product Updates" section.


In the "Download" section you can download Hotspot Shield for your device. Note: you need to access the download link from the device itself in order to install Hotspot Shield on that device.

Finally, you can sign-out from your Dashboard in the "Sign Out" section.