Redeeming code (license) for Premium subscription

Getting your Premium access code

Once you complete your purchase of Hotspot Shield, you will be provided with a Premium Code. Depending on your method of payment, you will either see the code displayed on the 'Thank You' page or receive the code by email. You will then need to create or log into your Hotspot Shield Account. 

Creating a Hotspot Shield account from the link on the 'Thank You' Page will then link the Premium Code to your account automatically. If you receive your code via email, you will need to manually connect the two. 

To create an account, please follow these steps:

1. Click here and create an account with the e-mail that you used (if asked) at the time of purchase. 


2A. If your code has been linked already, your Dashboard will display your Premium subscription and you will be able to see when your subscription will renew when clicking on "Details".

Screen_Shot_2019-05-23_at_4.25.16_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2019-05-23_at_4.25.43_PM.png

2B. If your code has not been linked yet, your account subscription will show as "Free Membership". In the Account section, click on "Redeem" next to License, then enter your Premium Code and click on "Redeem".



3. Please refresh your web browser and now your subscription will show as Premium/Elite


In case you have a free account, you can try a Premium account for free here.