Redeeming code (license) for Elite subscription

Getting your Elite access code

After you purchase an Elite subscription, you will receive an Elite code on a “Thank you” page or via email.
Thank you page
Thank you page

You must have a Hotspot Shield account to activate your Elite subscription. If you signed in to your account or created one during your purchase, click Continue to automatically activate your subscription and open your Dashboard.

If you don’t already have one, to create a Hotspot Shield account:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the email you used when you purchased your subscription.
  3. Enter your desired password.
  4. Check I'm not a robot box. Follow the instructions, and click Verify.
  5. Then click Register.

If you have a Hotspot Shield account but your Dashboard didn’t open, sign in to your Dashboard.

Understanding “Time left” on your Dashboard

If you see “Auto-pay active,” your subscription is set to automatically renew at the end of your subscription period. There will not be an expiration date under “Time left” if  your account has a subscription that  auto-renews.

If you see “Valid until” with an expiration date, your subscription will not automatically renew. When your subscription expires, your account will be downgraded to FREE. You can avoid interruption of your Elite benefits by purchasing more time or another subscription.


Auto-pay active

Valid until...

Redeeming your Elite code

Your Elite code can only be redeemed and applied to your account one time. First, check if your Elite code was automatically applied to your account. From your Dashboard, click View account history to see all codes that have been applied to your account.
View account historyAccount history

If you see your Elite code, then it has already been applied to your account, and you don’t have to redeem it. If you don’t see your Elite code in your account history, you will need to redeem it.

To redeem your Elite code, from your dashboard:

  1. Click Redeem license.
  2. Enter your 15-digit Elite code in the “License number” field, and click Redeem.
    Enter license and redeem

    “This License key is already applied…” Error. If you get this error, check your account history again to see if your code was applied. Elite codes can only be redeemed once. If you have trouble redeeming your Elite code, let us know and we’ll help.

    Are Hotspot Shield Elite features disabled on your device? In the Hotspot Shield app, try signing out and then signing back in to your Elite account.

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